K9999 SVK/Infinite

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  • Добавил: Manoichi
  • Дата: 22-01-2017, 16:11
  • Просмотры: 242
  • Отзывы: 26
  • Вселенная: SVK
  • M.U.G.E.N render: DirectX
  • Версия M.U.G.E.N: Mugen 1.0
  • Автор: Falcon Rapper

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    I'm passing here to show you another char I created, after a certain and tiring time it's finally finished (although in the future I'm gradually improving this char) ...
    Like Heidern, I tried to convert the sprites of the KOF pattern to the CVS standard, but this time I decided to create it with color separation in the sprites, which made the job a little more complicated, since it was ready A long time ago

    Another great challenge was editing the SVK mode (selector palettes, sparks in high definition, among other things, I have never seen a Statedef -2 and Statedef -3 as overloaded as they get, although the end result is fantastic) ...

    Well, as I said, the char is in "SVK Infinite" mode, graphics and sparks in high definition graphics, palette selector, enable or disable aerial combos, sounds setup (KOF 2001 or KOF 2002) and commands in mode Original or in the arranged mode, everything can be easily changed in the "config.txt".

    Designed to be played on Mugen 1.0 or Mugen 1.1 (some settings prevent it from running on Winmugen, Winmugen Plus or other versions)

    What you have:

    Adapted to be played with 6 buttons (3 for punch and 3 for kick)
    Moderate artificial intelligence;
    60 palettes (With the "Palette Selector" activated, if you turn it off, it will be twelve according to the button with which the char is chosen);
    All sparks in alpha effect (except those of blood, which were preserved in the original version)
    Blows and sounds based on the KOF 2002 version (in addition to new hits edited for the conversion of 6 buttons, highlighting the "Aerial Tikara ga ... Katte ni ... Uwaaaa" hahahahaha, it was very crazy rs)

    What is missing:

    Ending for the char, will be edited and posted on the Forums Mugenguild and Mugen Free For All (In the MFFA forum, search for posts in "Reign of Kreation"), release soon ...
    Improve some sprites (if that's necessary, since I reviewed it at least 3000 times before it's ready to be released)
    Something I can not remember right now hehehe ...:P

    Special Skills:

    Acchihe itteroo = D, DF, F, punch
    Wareroo = F, D, DF, punch
    Kudakero = F, DF, D, DB, B, kick

    Supers (Made with 1 super bar, "New Motion" version, can be changed in config.txt)

    Gaki Dommo (also known as "Tsuki" or "The Moon") = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, punch
    Temee mo oucchimae (Also known as "Get Lost") = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, kick

    Supers (Made with 2 super bar)

    Gaki Dommo = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, two punch buttons
    Temee mo oucchimae = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, two kick buttons
    Tikara ga ... Katte ni ... Uwaaaa !!! (Can be done in the air, known as "power is lost control") = D, DF, D, two punch buttons

    Supers (Made with 3 super bar)
    Kore wa, maru de = F, B, F, B, F, B (that is, stays back and forth that comes out)

    Supers (Made with 1 super bar, version "KOF Standard", can be changed in config.txt)

    Gaki Dommo = DB, F, DB, B, DF, punch
    Temee mo oucchimae = DB, F, DB, B, DF, kick

    Supers (Made with 2 super bar)

    Gaki Dommo = DB, F, DB, B, DF, two punch buttons
    Temee mo oucchimae = DB, F, DB, B, DF, two kick buttons
    Tikara ga ... Katte ni ... Uwaaaa !!! = D, DF, D, two punch buttons

    Supers (Made with 3 super bar)
    Kore wa, maru de = F, B, F, B, F, B (that is, stays back and forth that comes out)

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    • Написал: Channel N2
    • Дата: 23 марта 2017 13:30
    как раз в тему!!!!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    • Написал: KirkMi
    • Дата: 28 марта 2017 01:30
    • Написал: KermitEvamn
    • Дата: 17 апреля 2017 15:08
    глючит когда на всесь экран ((
    • Написал: Shirleyfaing
    • Дата: 8 мая 2017 10:30
    ваш сайт по движку муген у меня в фаворитах
    • Написал: Samuelkl
    • Дата: 19 мая 2017 13:30
    Интересный персонаж. Спасибо за него ))))
    • Написал: Musansox
    • Дата: 5 июня 2017 23:00
    Што за втф )
    • Написал: AosephAddex
    • Дата: 18 июня 2017 15:30
    Мне Джирая выпал из 100 сундуков
    • Написал: Pedarnup
    • Дата: 19 июня 2017 14:00
    Я что-то не припомню таких превращений карни.
    • Написал: TanuyshaUnus
    • Дата: 22 июня 2017 22:00
    о чудо!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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