Uchiha Sasuke

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  • Добавил: Manoichi
  • Дата: 2-06-2017, 11:59
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  • Вселенная: Naruto
  • M.U.G.E.N render: DirectX
  • Версия M.U.G.E.N: Mugen 1.0
  • Автор: Charles Toraldo

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    Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke

    Name : Uchiha Sasuke
    Author/Coder : Charles Toraldo
    Date Started : Aug,18,2016
    MugenVersion : 1.1
    Sprite Sheet : Spectro Sosuke / Neimad
    Style : NEW STYLE

    Hello friends, today I bring you a new char of mine, Sasuke Hebi! I coded him with my own coding way, which I consider to
    be my own new original style, which you can call it NEW STYLE!

    Sasuke's combat style is fast and powerful. Having a large amount of moves, this char is very fun to use and playing him
    is easy and comfortable. This Sasuke doesn't have Cursed Mark Awakenings, due to lack of good sprites. Consider this char
    as a single fighter.

    You might be wondering, why make a NEW STYLE Sasuke rather than NEW NZC? Well I have several reasons for that, which I am
    not bothering to tell you. I decided to make an original char from the meantime, but also I'll be making more of these in
    the future.

    I'm really happy that I finished this char, as it's dedicated to all of you guys, specially to all Sasuke fans out there!
    Big thanks to Sektor San, for motivating me!

    I've added his Artificial Intelligence, at last. Well, you know me guys! Because I only give my chars an aggresive nature
    in battle. Sasuke will fight savagely towards you, so be carfeul :D I just want MUGEN fans to have an awesome battle with
    my Sasuke, well you can't consider that the AI is cheap...because Sasuke himself has a weakness...You'll figure that out!

    Jutsu Information
    | SPECIALS |

    Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu
    - Sasuke blows a huge fireball that has constant speed over time. This refers to a realistic fireball...Any questions?

    - Got your back against the wall? Dangerous move nearing towards you? Foe corners you everytime? Not to worry! Thanks to
    ninjas, they can teleport. This brings you behind them, and...what else, kick their ass ;D

    Shuriken Throw
    - During an intense fight, combat and jutsus alone aren't sufficient enough. Let's go Old School, I mean the Ninja Way :D
    Sasuke throws rapid-fired shuriken towards enemy to apply some damage. Good for distractions though.

    Fuuma Shuriken
    - Sasuke hurls a huge shuriken towards the enemy. This is a good ranged-attack because it can pierce through various type
    of projectiles, such as a fireball.

    Sharingan : Genjutsu
    - If your foe is too fast, this is an ideal move. Sasuke activates a temporary glare from the Sharingan that can paralyze
    enemies and subdue their mobility, leaving them highly vulnerable...

    - OMG, your enemy is whupping you, and you can't do anything else? Sigh...just use this move and they'll pay the price...
    Can also counter various projectiles, woah that was unexpected.

    | SUPERS |

    Katon Dai Goukakyuu
    - Well folks, I have only few to explain its principle, which you will really enjoy! Nothing much but...it's kind of made
    up by me in some way, and also inherit Mikel's style :D Go do the move and see what you can envision.

    Chidori True Spear
    - This is based on Sasuke's Super Move in NSUNI (PSP). The move is quitely balanced, in order to have justice.

    Chidori Blade
    - You might be wondering...What the heck is this? If I recall it, I heard this before in the Storm Games...Lol, a catchy
    name though. Relatively close to Chidori, but with more fluidity and dedication...I guess :D Coding it is real crap, thus
    making it a little useless, don't you think?

    Chidori Nagashi
    - Two words, offense and defense. This jutsu has been mastered by none other than Sasuke. By controlling Lighting-Nature
    Chakra, Sasuke has the will to freely manipulate the electricity around him, in which the jutsu represents.

    Katon Gouryuuka no Jutsu
    - Sasuke releases powerful flame dragons that goes up to the sky. Causing a thunderstorm afterwards. Heavy downpour will
    occur, thus entirely alters the battle.

    -- HEAVY RAIN SYSTEM -- : Due to random reasons, I've felt that the rain needs more of a real rain, well whatcha expect?
    > Increases damage of Chidori-based moves. Damage will be twice the power.
    > Decreases damage of Fire-based moves. Damage will be half the power.
    - NOTE : Science rules my friends ^_^

    - Sasuke summons a gigantic lightning dragon from the sky, making it home down to the foe. This is an extremely powerful
    move, it can't be blocked and hard to dodge. Also, this can only be used once per round.

    - Coded with hardwork, as always.
    - If I had a nickel everytime I say this, the char is made for MUGEN 1.1
    - Revamped some irregularities in the sprites.
    - Tweaked some sprites, some customs...also.
    - An entirely new pallete to the char :)
    - New Effects
    - New Snd's
    - New Sprites
    - Completetely overrided the "common1.cns"
    - Managed to have an aggresive AI.
    - Has 3 Land Combos
    - Has an Air Combo
    - Added some Combos
    - Added Chakra Charge.
    - Has 6 Specials
    - Has 6 Supers
    - Fixed the Heavy Rain Bug, which is very irritating.
    - Added the Heavy Rain System, which has useful effects in hand.
    - Fixed commons issues like the air floats, underground juggles, etc.
    - Removed known bugs to the char, I don't recall them actually.
    - Removed the Palette Selector.
    - 100% Completed

    =========================================================================================================================Here I leave the most important people that is needed to be credited, also I include those who acknowledged me.

    - Spectro Sosuke
    - Neimad
    - Sektor
    - Shingeki no Mugen
    - Mikel Gonzalez
    - Shinrashi
    - Ramiz10
    - Julio Souza
    - LegendTTA
    - nimpos
    - RizardNZC
    - Mortal Sasuke
    - and you, for the downloading the char!

    Sasuke is a fictional character from the Naruto Shippuden Series. I do not own him in anyway, all the characters belongs
    to Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto Shippuden is originally released in 2007. Sasuke is the last survivor of the Uchiha Clan and
    also the Anti-Hero of the entire story.

    Special thanks to RizardNZC, for customizing and revamping some sprites of Sasuke. He's a Deviant fellow, but I can't see
    him posting stuff anymore...Well that's his surprise, because he'll be making stuff again in 2017!

    If I forgot to credit someone, please let me know. I don't quite remember them all.

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