Jin Kazama

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  • Дата: 16-12-2016, 14:13
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  • Вселенная: SF
  • M.U.G.E.N render: DirectX
  • Версия M.U.G.E.N: Mugen 1.0
  • Автор: SeanAltly

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    Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama

    Jin Kazama by SeanAltly
    Sprites by CVSNB
    ***MUGEN 1.0 ONLY***
    1.0 Update Change Log
    -Added EX Moves (Demon's Paw, Savage Sword, Lift Kick, EGWH)
    -Fixed infinites (hopefully)
    -Fixed various juggle issues
    -Added KoF-style Dodge, along with the mid-dodge attacks
    -Tweaked various vels and hittimes and what not
    -Added AI, using AI Level, for the first time by me
    -Changed Tidal Wave command in the .cmd so it's easier to do
    -This character is Jin Kazama from Tekken. His gameplay style is that of my upcoming full-game Capcom vs The World. Please remember that this is not an emulation of any particular style, but an entirely new one.
    Controls (Important):
    A = LK
    B = HK
    C = G (Grab)
    X = LP
    Y = HP
    Z = SP (Special) - All Super commands are done with this button.
    -The combo system is very loose and cancel heavy. Here are a few examples of Jin's combos:
    1. LP > HP > Corpse Thrust > Demon's Paw > Evil Intent
    2. LK > HK > Crouch HP > Air LP > Air HK > Air HP
    3. LK > HK > LLRK > Spinning FLare Kick
    4. LP > LP > HP > Corpse Thrust > Electric Wind God Hook > Avenger
    You get the point. Just experiment to find new chains and combos.
    ***MOVE LIST***
    Double Chamber Punch - SP
    Double Kicks - G
    Reverse Double Kicks - B+G
    Corpse Thrust - F+HP
    Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick (LLRK) - F+LK
    Right Backfist - B+LP
    Dodge/Sidestep - LP+LK
      -Press any punch or kick during the dodge (properly timed of course) to perform a counter attack
    Power Stance - Start
      -After Power Stance is performed successfully, Jin's immediate next attack will be increased in damage by 40%. Just like in Tekken, if you're    close and it hits, the attack increase doesn't activate
    Roundhouse Punch - F,D,DF,LP
    Electric God Wind Hook (EX) - F,D,DF,HP
    Spinning Flare Kick - D,DB,B,K
    Lift Kick (EX) - F,D,DF,K
    Demon's Paw (EX) - D,DF,F,P
    Tidal Wave - F,DF,D,DB,B,P
    Savage Sword (EX) - B,D,DB,P
    Evil Intent - D,DF,F,SP
    Avenger - D,DB,B,SP
    (Level 3 Only ) 10-Hit Combo - F,D,DF,SP
    CVSNB for the sprites
    Edward Elric/S0RA for the sounds rips
    Orochi Gill, Safior Kreuz, Zeckle/Laxxe23, Cazaki and Cybaster for beta testing
    PotS for several FX
    Namco for creating Jin and Tekken
    Everyone at Mugen Fighter's Guild for their continued support
    Volzilla at CVG for temp hosting
    If I forgot you, just let me know and I'll update this!

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    how usualy best work
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    Ну вот опять, много шума вокруг такой фигни confused
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