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[ENG] How to novigate the site

How to add news.

There is an icon of a man in the upper-left hand corner of the site. Click the icon.
[ENG] How to novigate the site

Select the option "Add news".
[ENG] How to novigate the site

The page providing for addition of the news will open.

Type the title - Here you type the title of your news. For instance, if it is a character you type the name of the character. It is obligatory to fill.

Find similar news - You have to make sure if there is no similar news on the site. This button serves to help you in doing this.

Short description - You fill description of the news. For instance, text, screenshots, videos - you should put everything listed here. It is obligatory to fill.

Full description - not necessary to fill.

Preview 250x200 - You have to create a picture with the resolution of 250x200. Upload the picture on the site (or on any photo hosting) and just put the link here.

!!Attention!! It is necessary to use photo hostings which provide for unlimited time of keeping an uploaded picture. 
For instance, Deviantart.

The Universe - For instance, if it is a character, you should mention what universe it comes from? (Naruto, Bleach, SNK, KOF, and etc.) Recommende to fill.

Author - The author of the content.  Recommende to fill.

Next part and the previous article - If you create a guide (tutorial) and devide it into several parts, you should paste links to these news.
It is necessary to fill if a guide consists of several parts.

M.U.G.E.N. version - select the version of M.U.G.E.N. Recommende to fill.

Mugen render mode — select the render mode. Recommende to fill.

Downloading link 1 - The downloading link of the content if there is one.
!!Attention!! We ask you to use file hosting services which provide for unlimited time of keeping content uploaded and unlimited traffic.
For instance, Mail.ru or Yandex.ru or MediaFire or Mega.
For instance, dfiles, turbobit and another ones like that!

File hosting services which require to wait a minute or send sms are FORBIDDEN!

Player moonwalk and Player moonwalk 2 and Words for the tag cloud — DON'T FILL!

Click the button "Send" and your news will be sent for moderation.
So all you need is to wait till the moment when your news will have been checked and approved of a moderator.
If there are any notes or corrections, a moderator will inform you about it via private message.

How to upload a picture in the news with the help of our site.

In adding news, you are sure to upload a screenshot or a preview of the content.
You can do it with the help of our site.

Click the icon of a folder.
[ENG] How to novigate the site

This window will apear then.
[ENG] How to novigate the site

Click "Choose a file to download from your PC" or just paste the link in the field "Download from the server (URL)"
When the image will be downloaded you will be automatically moved to the tab "Downloaded for publishing" or you have to click the tab yourself.
[ENG] How to novigate the site

To paste the downloaded image you have to click it, select the relevant options and click the button "Paste the image" 
[ENG] How to novigate the site

Pay attention to the fact that when you click the image, its link appears. You can copy the link and use it as the preview image.

How to create a new topic on the forum.

Go to our forum, ссылка.
[ENG] How to novigate the site

Open a section needed and look for the button "Create a topic".
[ENG] How to novigate the site

Fill all the fields and the topic is ready to be posted.
You can attach an image or upload files to your post.

Please, follow the rules of the site and forum!
We are working out them at the moment.

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